How to Become a Good Interior Designer

Do you love arranging furniture and decorating rooms? Do you always receive praises on your interior design taste? And if you do, then you will definitely have a future in interior design career. Prior to making a life-changing career choice, there are a lot of things you should know and consider about the design industry. As a matter of fact, interior designers encounter challenges every single day and some of these might not be good to you, while others might excite you as well as open the doors to the career which you never imagine was possible.

Good Interior Designer

The following are some of the things you should consider prior to making the decision of becoming an interior designer:

There’s a Difference Between Designers and Decorators

What is the difference between interior designers and interior decorators? The answer is education. Anyone can basically become an interior decorator. A person who loves playing with textiles, fabrics, and colors can actually become an interior decorator by promoting themselves to clients and printing business cards. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however, educational background is also a very important thing as well.

An interior designer, on the other hand, should have a bachelor’s degree, an associate or accredited education that is required for working in the field of interior design.

You Need to Have a Talent or Gift for Design

It might seem very apparent but to become a designer, you should possess an innate flair for textiles, architecture, spatial arrangements and colors. Do you actually enjoy decorating your own house and get plenty of praises on your décor? That does not necessarily mean you are fit to become a designer however, it is already a good sign. The initial step to a successful job is to follow where your heart is. Doing something you really love will not feel like work after all.

Interior Design is Not All Fun and Fabric

While color, furniture and fabrics may play a big part in the interior design industry, there are a lot of other things to work that are needed by interior designers and some of these might seem more like work and less like fun.

Interior designers should be educated or have a background study on the building codes, ergonomics, structural integrity of buildings, computer-aided drawing, ethics, psychology, spatial concepts and most importantly, the history of design.

It may seem that the interior designers are considered to be a master of none. This wide range of skills is needed since the interior designers work with not just homeowners, but also business owners, government agencies, architects and builders. In order to become a good, successful Fort Collins interior design service provider, one must be well-rounded and educated.

The Salary is Not as Good as You Think

Obviously, the salary depends on many factors such as size of the company or firm, your work experience, location and education. An interior designer at a high-end architectural firm will most likely make more than the designer who works at a small furniture company.